Healthy Pizza? My Thoughts From a Papa Murphy’s Kitchen Tour

Several blogging moms were invited to tour our local Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza kitchen to learn how they source and prepare their food. When my co-worker invited me, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The other bloggers weren’t necessarily blogging about health and I’m always cautious to not be “bought” by food companies. I try to keep my information based on evidence, rather than persuasion.
[FYI – to date I have never been paid to talk, write or promote any food item that I wouldn’t consider healthy or buy for myself or my family. To be honest, I’ve only been paid to write about one food product. My budget wishes I could tell you it was more, haha! If it has anything to do with this website, it actually turns out to be a donation to Cancer Services, the non-profit I work for. $ put to good use to help our community!!]
Anyway – back to my Papa Murphy’s trip! I cautiously elected to sign up and go. Plus, I knew I would get to go home with a pizza for free – so that’s always nice! Here is what I experienced. Many things I was pleasantly surprised about!
Papa Murphy’s Pizza DoughThumbnail image for IMG_0087.JPG
This part I found fascinating! Having worked at Domino’s in high school, I had experienced pizza dough that was delivered already mixed and ready to be rolled out. At Papa Murphy’s, they get the flour in, but actually use this ENORMOUS mixer to make dough every day.
Many of their pizzas come on thin crust. They also have original crust and a thicker “pan” crust pizza as well. I personally like the thin crunchy crust best, which is fortunate, because after I came home I decided to look up the nutrition info.