Recipe for the Easiest Way to Cook Corn –> In the Microwave!

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  • Corn (anywhere from 1 ear to 4)


  1. Place corn in microwave and DO NOT REMOVE HUSK!
  2. Microwave on high for 2-5 minutes, depending on microwave and number of corn (start with 3 min for 1 ear, 4 minutes for 4 ear, and adjust as needed)
  3. Using a kitchen towel or pot holder, remove corn from microwave (it’s hot!!)
  4. Cut off the bottom of the corn (stem end), about one row of corn up from the stem
  5. Hold on to “hair,” or top of corn, and slip corn out of the husk (the silk will stay with the husk)
  6. Enjoy your corn as is, or cut off the cob